opt-in Butterfly

Run for a cause…

2,300 Americans are reported missing every 24 hours.  This statistic is for the Americans reported missing.  This number would be higher if foreign born residents reported missing were also included.

2,300 people a day, it is a staggering number.

Somebody’s child, mother, daughter, father, uncle, aunt, son, nephew,  niece …never heard from again.

It is surprising that in a developed country with the most advanced technology;  smart phones and tracking devices etc. that so many people could be kidnapped every single day in the U.S.  and never found.   It is also surprising that the public has not been made aware of the prevalence of kidnappings.  Less than 1% of these kidnappings have been reported to the public. Less than 1%.

We will be raising awareness of this cause through our marathon runs. 

logoWhen you purchase Ardyss products through this website, a portion of the proceeds will go towards this cause.


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